Blazin' Reggae Vibes Is Here To Chant Up Positive Vibes

Blazin' Reggae Vibes covers a wide spectrum of reggae music from past to present. Our weekly podcast of positive and uplifting vibrations coming through music conversation and video, features artists from all over the world. Mainstream and well known artists are covered here along with artists that are new and sometimes unknown.

Reggae which is known for its inspiration of hope and courage in overcoming the struggles of life is an ever evolving genre of music. At present it is undergoing a passing of the torch as older and well seasoned artists are slowing down, retiring or passing on and new artists are appearing on the scene with voices and sounds that need to be heard.

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Here at Blazin' Reggae Vibes we realize how hard it is to make a headway into the music business, so we want to give exposure to every artist that we can, who brings conscious and uplifting vibrations to the world.

This music which is listened to worldwide brings nourishment to millions striving to overcome the struggles of life, to live in a world full of joy and happiness, with peace and justice for all.

The state of the world dictates the need for reggae music in our lives. On another note we are also saying that the state of the world dictates the need for silence in our lives.

These two subjects, reggae music and the power of silence go hand in hand in order to satisfy our needs on a material and spiritual level. Maintaining an awareness in the world that promotes peace & harmony, joy & happiness, love & compassion, prosperity & abundance, and physical well-being can be realized through these two mediums.

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Our Commitment

We realize that music and conversation are powerful forces, that can be used to spread peace and harmony around the world. We also realize the need for an increased awareness of the power of silence and/or meditation to bring balance into our everyday lives.

Our sister website 20 Seconds of Silence brings more insight into benefits of silence in our daily lives.

Our purpose is to inspire and motivate our listeners and subscribers to achieving higher heights on all levels, spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical.

Blazin' Reggae Vibes is committed to spreading positive vibes around the world, through music, conversation, and silence. Playing quality reggae, having conversations and gaining insights into the artists and their music makes for an experience you'll enjoy.

Dispersing good vibrations while maintaining an awareness of the power of silence is the approach taken here at Blazin' Reggae Vibes.



What happens when there is silence?  -  Advanced Life Skills

We turn our thoughts and focus inwards and gain the power we need to refuel our minds. Our ego is temporarily switched off or at least made to be quiet for a bit, and we start to see the real world as it should be. Our thoughts get in the way of our reality sometimes and we don’t see the beauty of the world around us. When there is silence there is time for introspection and to allow our true self to speak not the ego or the conscious mind, but the true self connected to the flow of energy around us.

Source: Steven Aitchison - Advanced Life Skills