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  • Producer hopes for more ‘new year’ success

    Franc White, the producer-engineer who has been working closely with dancehall's trending acts Intence and IWaata under the Zimi Entertainment imprint for the past two years, says that the local music industry can look forward to more hits this...

  • DHQ Carlene demands credit for dancehall revolution

    When US rapper Saweetie dropped photos of one of the outfits she wore in her latest music video, the ensemble held striking resemblance to designs worn by 90s Dancehall Queen (DHQ) Carlene. Twitter users placed photos of Saweetie's outfit...

  • Jahvillani turns to Bleaching Cream

    Wileside artiste Jahvillani has seemingly lightened his complexion, a move that coincides with the release of his latest single, 'Bleaching Cream'. "This is a new year, new resolution, new image, so that's what the song is all about," the artiste...

  • ENERGETIC PRAISE - Rolando Blake looks to stimulate new energy within worshippers

    When self-made producer and audio engineer Rolando Blake presented gospel singer Minister Godartiste with the groovy dancehall-flow rhythm, it was no coincidence. "After listening to it a few times I had a few persons in mind, and on the gospel...

  • ‘No Nasty Gal’ for Delly Ranx

    An unpleasant encounter at a friend's house birthed inspiration for Delly Ranx's latest single, No Nasty Gyal. The veteran deejay told THE WEEKEND STAR that he visited the house and was shocked at the condition of the kitchen. The entertainer...

  • Mavado teams with Sponge Music on ‘Not Perfect’

    Dancehall heavyweight Mavado has teamed up with producer Sponge Music on the thought-provoking and inspiring single, Not Perfect. On the track, Mavado says many persons have misunderstood him and that he's not one to get involved in unnecessary...

  • Deep Jahi shows affection on ‘Inseparable’

    It is not common for dancehall artistes to express their feelings for that special someone in their music, but singer Deep Jahi shares his emotions on his latest single Inseparable. "Difference is what stands out and Deep Jahi always instils some...

  • Another delay in Quada’s murder trial

    After being declared a suspect in the 2019 mob killing of Sterling Castle resident Miguel Williams, dancehall artiste Quada, accompanied by his lawyer, turned himself into the police a year ago today. But despite being charged with murder and...

  • Comedian gets serious about homeschooling woes

    "Boy it nuh look good fi dah generation ah pickney yah, mi swear," Dale Elliott says with a blend of unease and suppressed laughter in his latest social media post. The vlogger, actor and comedian, who is known for playing Akeem Sharp in the...

  • ‘Spice crown gone clean’ - MC Nuffy crowns Shenseea dancehall queen-elect

    Ever since her sizzling freestyle video hit social media, talks of dancehall princess Shenseea possibly usurping Spice for the coveted dancehall queen throne has taken on a life of its own. While Shenseea is not keen on talks about crowns and...


  • Sexual Harassment Scandal Rocks the JDF

    A (JDF) Jamaica Defence Force officer has been accused of sexually harassing and preying on young women soldiers under his command. This was revealed when a damning allegation was made against him. This allegation was made by a relative of a woman private, who claimed that his relative was targeted by her superior even though … The post Sexual Harassment Scandal Rocks the JDF first appeared on yardhype.com.

  • This rapper ‘Yung Baby’ Recalls getting shot 35 times and Survived – Video

    Yung Baby came through for his first-ever VladTV interview, where he detailed growing up in Trenton, New Jersey. He explained that everything was good until around middle school when he started catching charges, the first being a robbery charge at 12. From there, Yung Baby detailed losing 8 friends by the time he was 18, … The post This rapper ‘Yung Baby’ Recalls getting shot 35 times and Survived – Video first appeared on yardhype.com.

  • Tay-K, Casanova and Kodak Black may Spend the rest of their Lives in Prison

    The Rap genre heavily features topics related to crime and some rappers seem to find it hard to stay out of trouble. The youngest on the list, Tay-K was born in California and is best known for his track “The Race”. His Father was behind bars for a long time during his childhood. Tamor Travon … The post Tay-K, Casanova and Kodak Black may Spend the rest of their Lives in Prison first appeared on yardhype.com.

  • Intence projected to Hit One Million Views in a Few days… “Money Nuff Funds” Music Video

    Released on January 17, 2021 the official music video for “Money Nuff Funds” done by dancehall artiste Intence is on track to hit the one million mark in just a few Day. The flashy visual has racked up over 450,000 views in less than 13 hours and his young fans are loving the vibe the … The post Intence projected to Hit One Million Views in a Few days… “Money Nuff Funds” Music Video first appeared on yardhype.com.

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