July 1, 2022

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Reggae Releases

  • Jalifa-Reggaelize It-Zion High Productions-2022.

    Voici un nouvel extrait du projet " Incient Ras " de Jalifa !!!

  • Queen Omega & Bo Jangles-Wicked Men-Roynet Music-2022.

    Queen Omega & Bo Jangles nous présentent le single " Wicked Men " !!!

  • Aza Lineage-Owa Sound-Golden Seal-2022.

    Golden Seal vient de produire le nouveau single " Owa Sound " d'Aza Lineage !!!

  • Vijahn-Dark Street-Rokus Records-2022.

    Voici un extrait de la série " Rich Now Riddim " !!!

  • Black Uhuru-Black Sounds Of Freedom (Extented Version)-VP Records-2022.

    VP Records a réédité le 29 juin le classique " Black Sounds Of Freedom (Extented Version) " du groupe Black Uhuru !!! Tracklist:1-I Love King Selassie-2-Satan Army Band-3-Time To Unite-4-Natural Mystic-5-Eden Out Deh-6-Love Crisis-7-African Love-8-Hard Ground-9-Willow Tree-10-Sorry For The Man-11-Eden Dub-12-Mystic Mix-13-His Imperial Majesty-14-Weeping Willow-15-Bad Girls Dub-16-Tonight Is The Night-17-Firehouse Special-18-African Culture-19-Crisis Dub-20-Sound Man Style-21-Crisis For Love-22-Satan Army Band (Love Crisis Mix)-23-Tonight Is The Night To Unite-24-Eden Out Deh (Love Crisis Mix)-25-Sorry For The Man (Love Crisis Mix)-26-Love You Girl-27-I Love King Selassie (Love Crisis Mix)-28-King Of All Time-29-Natural Mystic (Love Crisis Mix)-30-Hard Ground (Love Crisis Mix)-31-Crocodile Style-32-African Love (Love Crisis Mix)-33-Ride Into Zion-34-Willow Tree (Love Crisis Mix) . Black Sounds Of Freedom by Black Uhuru

  • Anthony Cruz-Life Nuh Fair At All-Jumpout Production-2022.

     Voici le nouveau single " Life Nuh Fair At All " d'Anthony Cruz !!!

  • Elijah Prophet-Jah Calling-ZionProductions Music-2022.

    Elijah Prophet nous propose de découvrir son nouveau projet " Jah Calling " produit par le label ZionProductions Music !!! Tracklist:1-One by One-2-Tell Dem-3-Bad Dreams-4-Jah Calling-5-One a Call  feat. Jahricio-6-Poverty-7-Stop the War-8-Africans feat. Huba Watson & Jahricio-9-Wolfs-10-The Truth-11-Me a Love You .

  • Luciano-Shine on Me-World One Entertainment-2022.

    Le label World One Entertainment nous présente le single " Shine on Me " de Luciano !!!

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