Prince Malachi : “There’ll be better days to come!”


Prince Malachi falls into this weeks spotlight at Blazin’ Reggae Vibes, with its weekly podcast of conscious and uplifting vibrations coming through music and conversation.

Prince Malachi was born in 1970 and hails from the London, England with roots in Jamaica. His debut album “Jah Light” is my all time favorite.

I have spent many hours listening to and digesting the crucial rhythms and lyrics emanating from this album. The song “Jah Light”, really touches me which is why I’ve played it so many times on the Iyah Music Show, KUNM 89.9 FM, sometimes on my own, and sometimes at the request of a listener.

Other albums produced by Prince Malachi that I really like are ‘Watch Over We” released in 1999 on the RAS label, and “Runaway Slave” released in 2004, on the Charm and Stingray labels. I really became aware of the song “Strong Herb”, from the album Runaway Slave when a friend of mine, Aloha Mike called in and requested that selection.


Album Review: Prince Malachi – Third Rock


Prince Malachi – Bio

Source: Bio – Prince Malachi


Prince Malachi – Discography

Source: Wikipedia – Discography – Prince Malachi


Prince Malachi – Break Free Video

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