Reggae Review: Double Tiger – Sharp & Ready

Double Tiger - Sharp & Ready Album CoverDouble Tiger releases debut album “Sharp & Ready” June 30, 2017 on the tastemaker label Easy Star Records.

by Dj Eeyo_| Blazin' Reggae Vibes


It has been pretty busy for me lately, but things finally settled down enough and I was able to give Double Tiger’s new debut album, “Sharp and Ready” a good listen.

My overall impression of the album “Sharp & Ready” was that it was a solid piece of work fused with creativity that I would label as urban reggae with elements of dancehall, ska, hip-hop, and r&b.

Brooklyn-based artist/producer Double Tiger aka Jay Spaker displays his multi-dimensional skills and talents in producing an album that is inspiring and uplifting with strong cultural overtones.

“Sharp & Ready” the title cut is an instrumental piece that hits you with a crisp sound of drums and bass accompanied by horns that will motivate one into walking that road of life full of potential and greatness.

The first cut on the album “Rocking Time” sets the stage for the tracks to follow in an upbeat tempo with a ska flavor. You can’t help but start stirring with the sound of the horns in the background and lyrics telling you its time to move.

“Crème De La Crème” keeps you rocking with a strong beat over lyrics describing the fine qualities of a beautiful queen, with the hopes of reconnecting. A call to action is heard with “Babylon Expires” with a strong message to sound the alarm to bring awareness to the deeds and actions of babylon.

After listening to the entire album, I would say my most favorite song is “A Feelin”, a ballad describing feelings of love and harmony. It has a powerful reggae beat and you get a strong dose of that heartbeat rhythm coming on strong.

Other songs on the album “Take A Lift”, “Time Has Come”, inspire and motivate with lyrics and rhythms that keep you smiling and dancing. The song “Crème De La Crème” has become another favorite of mine as I continue play the album.

We want to congratulate Double Tiger for his talents and creativity in presenting to the world a piece work that is refreshing and uplifting.

Double Tiger aka Jay Spaker will soon release his debut solo album, a collection of productions from the past five years of writing.

Dj Eeyo  -  Blazin' Reggae Vibes -
Dj Eeyo
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Track Listing:
1. Rocking Time
2. Crème De La Crème
3. Babylon Expire
4. Feel Is Nice
5. Live Life
6. Sharp & Ready
7. A Feelin’
8. Take A Lift
9. Time Has Come
10. Moonlight
11. Falling
12. Ram Dancehall



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