Reggae Review: Alborosie “Freedom In Dub” (Album) & “Living Dread” (Single)

Alborosie - Freedom In Dub Album CoverAlborosie – Freedom In Dub


Release date: 08/11/2017


“International reggae star Alborosie returns with the dub version of his celebrated “Freedom & Fyah” album titled “Freedom In Dub.” The distinctive production of these ten newly recorded dub mixes underscore Alborosie’s skill and credibility as a master of dub.

All tracks are produced and (mostly) played by Alborosie and recorded at his Shengen studios in Kingston, Jamaica”




Reggae’s now gone beyond race and nationality, just like Rastafari. It’s Jamaica’s gift to the world and Planet Earth loves it – not just for those irrepressible rhythms, but what the music stands for. It’s therefore no surprise to learn that fifty years after its birth, reggae’s current elite includes a singer from Sicily – one turned Jamaican national, and whose artistry has continued to grow and develop with every release.

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Artwork Alborosie - Living DreadAlborosie Releases New Single – “Living Dread”

The worldwide debut of the new single “Living Dread” with it’s video inspired by the 1978 Jamaican cult classic film “Rockers”. The video was filmed in Portland, Jamaica, by One Love director Rick Elgood.

Vibrant visuals evoke Jamaica’s urban youth and protest against oppression, while the song epitomizes the spiritual relationship of members of the Rastafari faith and features elder Rasta drummers who hail from Port Antonio’s historic Maroon Town.

This single continues to gain steady rotation for its subtle interpretation of the original Black Uhuru anthem with the memorable lyrics: “I and I born a living dread. Inna these ya town of the living dead.”




Alborosie Enjoying The Outdoors



Alborosie – Living Dread [Official Video]








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