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Ghetto Priest Album CoverGhetto Priest first came to my attention with the release of his album “Vulture Culture” on the On-U Sound Label. The sounds from that album still ring in my head to this day from mystical songs that touched your core and rocked you with rhythm. I was very pleased to hear of the release of his new album, “Every Man for Every Man” and couldn’t wait to give it a listen.

Known as a musical visionary, Ghetto Priest showcases his talents with “Every Man for Every Man” and once again delivers home a piece of work that reveals his creative artistry in songs and sounds that motivate and captivate.


Ghetto Priest: Every Man for Every Man

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Here comes Asian Dub Foundation frontman and sometime vocalist Ghetto Priest with his forthcoming solo album, produced by Adrian Sherwood.

The lyrical concerns of this release are religious and spiritual in a broad sense, the title track making a plea for neighbourliness and community, with the other songs on the album lamenting the threat to the environment, the achievements of black women and the fall of Babylon. This includes a cover of Peter Tosh’s ‘Babylon Queendom’ and Judy Mowatt’s ‘Black Woman’.

Perhaps most intriguing is an interpretation of Robbie Burns’ poem ‘I Murder Hate’, an unexpected but welcome contribution. Musically, the title track itself is optimistic melodic reggae, with a strong but gentle vocal sound and fine instrumentation, a great little reggae song. Its message is in the title; every man for every man, not every man for himself, a sentiment that remains unattractive to some of those with political power unfortunately.


“Channeling primal energy in a righteous fashion” (Clash Magazine).

“This latest album is a fresh and uncompromising release, worth hearing for its take on the world around us” (

“His latest sermon is a blend of righteous incitements and damning indictments” (Reggae Vibes).


The long awaited album by Ghetto Priest, produced by Adrian Sherwood (On U Sound), is released On RamRock Records.

Limited vinyl from Sept 8 2017



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Ghetto Priest aka Squidz: Singer/Songwriter/Recording artist/Live performer is one of the most flamboyant, creative performers to have emerged from the London music scene in the past few years.

Like the community from which he hails, Ghetto Priest is a man at ease with multiple musical visions. Walk through the streets of London and you begin to grasp the flow and the rhythm that has produced his unique sound. It’s a community of exchange; African/Caribbean and Irish, Asian and English, each mixing and informing the other, lending beats and grooves, keeping things fresh and new.

Ghetto Priest born and raised in the east end of London to Afro-Caribbean parents has been on the reggae/Dub/experimental music scene now for over 2 decades. He has been a mainstay of the On U Sound camp where he was backing vocalist, and percussionist for the band African Headcharge.

His vocal talents came to the ear of David Harrow aka Technova aka James Hardway (techno/Drum & Bass/Jazz/break beat producer). There collaboration gave birth to a commercial remake of the dance hall reggae classic ‘wha do dem’, under the name “Sativa” in early 2000, which had a small success in the mainstream arena, with video appearances on the music channel “The BOX”.

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Ghetto Priest – Vulture Culture – On-U Sound

Ghetto Priest - Vulture Culture Album Cover







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