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Published on Aug 31, 2017

Reggae Star Pressure Busspipe talks to L3 Magazine readers about his approach towards music, how he got his start, and what keeps him motivated today. Additional interviews include Shana Cole, Cosmetics guru from Jamaica, and Elijah Thompson – Photographer who captures emotion through his lens.


TORONTOSept. 2, 2017PRLogPressure Busspipe came to global attention when his song, “Love and Affection” was released to the world.  Produced by Don Corleon (July, 2012 L3 Magazine front cover feature (https://issuu.com/l3magazine/docs/l3magazine___july_2012___no._013)), the 2007 song launched Pressure’s career and the Star hasn’t looked back since.

After his performance at the 14th annual Montreal International Reggae Festival, Pressure spoke to Editor-in-Chief Natasha Von Castle about his career, his personal life and the significance of his music video “Lion is a Lion” which was shot in Ethiopia.

The cosmetics industry is worth billions and Shana Cole is leading the Caribbean interest where this market is concerned.  Speaking to Caribbean Affairs Editor Tricia ‘ZJ Sparks’ Spence, Shana explains how she got into the market, and why her branding sets her apart from the rest.

Capturing emotions through imagery is the specialty of photographer Elijah Thompson.  His coverage of political events and entertainment in the UK caught the attention of Political Editor Maxine Tomlinson who spoke to the young man about his ‘eye.’  He is driven and knows his purpose in life.

In addition to the feature interviews, features on Patexx, Tasha T, Hempress Sativa, MzVee and more are available, as are video and top singles charts, news about the upcoming World Clash moving to Toronto, the Love & Harmony Boat Cruise and so much more

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