Album Review: Jesse Royal – Lily of Da Valley

Jesse Royal – Lily of Da Valley

Jesse Royal - Lily of Da Valley Album Cover

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When I learned that Jesse Royal was coming out with a new release I became a little anxious with expectation because I’ve always enjoyed his style and approach when it comes to getting his message out to the world.


I’m kicking back listening to Jesse Royals’ new album “Lily of Da Valley” and I have to say the first four jams on the album was sweet music to my ears. “Modern Day Judas” which was on his previous album “In Comes The Small Axe” has always been a favorite of mine and I have played it quite often on the The Iyah Music Show. I’ve always kept the album “In Comes The Small Axe” close at all times because I could pull from it a song or skit that would fit perfectly for whatever I had going on on the turntable.

“400 Years” appealed to right away upon hearing the strong vocals talking about struggle and the length of time that has passed without any resolutions to the problems facing man. I’ve played the single release Generation which features Jo Mersa Marley on both Blazin’ Reggae Vibes and The Iyah Music Show. The song has a lot of potential for rising in the charts. I guess time will tell.

“Life Sweet” hit me hard with its smooth delivery behind a steady drum and bass, while Jesse with that chanting style, came with lyrics that tell of life’s encounters while at the same time knowing that through the powers of the Most High, Jah will provide.

By the time we got to “Real Love” on the album I knew the rest had to be good, because what I had heard up that point was superb in the quality of the sound and the delivery of the lyrics which are both conscious and uplifting. At this point from what I’ve heard, I would strongly say that its an album that needs to be in your collection.

The song “Waan Go Home” features Patrice and comes across with a chorus type sound that tells a story of an effort to flee babylon and return home, while the roots rocking music moves you with irie vibes.

Overall this album “Lily of Da Valley” by Jesse Royal is solid piece of creative work that that is both conscious and uplifting. You can tell that hard work went into the creation and production of the album.

Big Time Shout out going out to the Rasta, Jesse Royal for bringing jah works to manifestation for the benefit of all.



Jesse Royal – Modern Day Judas [Official Video 2013]




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Background information
Birth name Jesse David Royal[1]
Born 29 April 1989 (age 28)[2]
Origin Maroon Town, St James Parish, Jamaica
Genres Reggae, dub, roots reggae
Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter
Instruments Vocals
Years active 2011–present
Labels Easy Star


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Jesse Royal – Blowing In The Wind [Official Video 2017]



Jesse Royal – Lily Of Da Valley | United Reggae

Source: Jesse Royal – Lily Of Da Valley | United Reggae

One of my most anticipated releases this year dropped last week. I’m talking about Jamaican superior chanter and singer Jesse Royal and his debut album Lily of Da Valley, a 14 track set including already familiar cuts like Finally and Modern Day Judas along with recent singles like the Jo Mersa Marley combination Generation and Always Be Around.

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