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by DJ Pauze

The healing power of reggae, poetry and positivity.

Healing Power of Reggae, Poetry, and Positivity by DJ Pauze
DJ Pauze

This article, the healing power of reggae, poetry and positivity, was originally written for Londoncurls.com in 2015. Davina from the London curls website introduced the article by saying… “In 2004, Gav Pauze was involved in a BMX accident that left him with serious head injuries.

The doctors gave him a bleak outlook on life, as the accident left him with inhibited speech, mobility and writing skills. However, through the ‘natural therapies’ of reggae music, poetry and positive energy, Gav kept on going, and is now a successful DJ, songwriter and a published poet.

Read his incredibly inspiring story about not giving up, and remaining positive in the face of adversity.”

Over the years of sharing this story briefly in interviews on radio stations and on websites, I have been told that it is very inspiring and uplifting.

I feel the story I have to share is eye opening, not only in showing that in the face of adversity, we can do everything we set our minds out to do but also how positivity through music, poetry and thoughts can help us heal through serious life changing injuries and help us to progress forwards with our lives.

This article here is the most in-depth I have talked on what happened to me and I now feel that with over 11 years since the accident that I am healed enough and ready to share the full story, even the bits that have not been shared before. Some of the memories of what happened are still a bit hazy, but I am in a better place now and I have had enough time to recall and reflect on what I went through.

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