Razoof Releases New Single “Journey”

Razoof Releases New Single “Journey”
featuring Dactah Chando  on the Poets Club Records label.



Razoof - Kiwafu Album Cover


Razoof released his latest single “Journey” on February 2, with album release due out February 16, 2018. Kampala, Cologne, and Kingston are the pillars that that he bases his latest album effort “Kiwafu”. “Kiwafu” is named after a part of Kampala city in which the Cologne producer, DJ and drummer produced the main content for this album.

This artist  spends the summer months each year on the balearic island of Formentera (next to Ibiza). This is where he met Dactah Chando (hailing from the island of Tenerife) and recorded the song “Journey“ with him. Chando is no stranger to Razoof, as they have already collaborated on Razoof’s album„ “Jahliya Sound“ back in 2014. Chando has released six albums in the past years. Dactah Chando’s album called Global City Zen is coming in 2018.

Razoof has collaborated with dons like former Black Uhuru vocalist Mykal Rose, Luciano, Cornel Campbell and Lone Ranger. He has worked with upcoming talented artists like Naptali, Jacquee and Dactah Chando. Razoof will feature musicians from Uganda, Kenia, Spain, Germany and Jamaica on his album „Kiwafu“.


Razoof – Keep The Faith feat. Naptali [Official Video 2013]


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