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Blazin’ Reggae Vibes

Episode 006

Down To Earth Rhythms Of Roots Rock Reggae

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We’ll be pointing the spotlight on two artists this week, Hempress Sativa and Sista Gracy.  I have been listening to Hempress Sativa’s latest album “Unconquerebel” and I really enjoy the entire album. The songs “Twisted Sheets” and “Revolution” really captured my attention so I’ve been playing them a lot.

Sista Gracy - YardySista Gracy + wiki

Sista Gracy was born to music, and in the ’60s and ’70s her mother and father made a living by touring around the villages on Jamaica’s north coast with their sound system.
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Sista Gracy Photos

Yardy by Sista Gracy

Title: “Yardy”
Artist: Sista Garcy
Catalogue: Echo Beach CD061
(18 tracks – 77 minutes playtime)


A Celebration of Reggae

BY KATIE – MYGREENPOD, 26 February ’17


Lee Reggae pioneer Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry to perform at UK festival at the age of 80.

On March 03, 2017, Lee Perry will venture out once more to headline at A Celebration of Reggae, one of the UK’s largest reggae music festivals.

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Reggae Music icon, Peter Tosh honoured
Shared by

As part of the International Reggae Month, the Reggae Music icon, Peter Tosh is being honoured at a museum named after him in Kingston, Jamaica.
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Hempress Sativa PhotoHempress Sativa

Kerida Johnson, known as Hempress Sativa, was born to Rastafarian parents Doris-Ray Johnson and legendary Jamaican selector/musician Albert ‘Ilawi Malawi’ Johnson of the Jah Love Sound System.
It was her exposure to music at home that sharpened her skills and has manifested today in her expressive writing and delivery.
The instant she steps on to a stage, she commands the attention and respect of the audience, with an uncanny ability to keep all listening as they absorb her every word and rhyme.
– Jamaica-Gleaner

Hempress Sativa Discography

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