Being Blacker: A Documentary Film

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BEING BLACKER: A Documentary With Blacker Dread

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BEING BLACKER: A Documentary With Blacker Dread, offers a rarely heard perspective on life in Britain today. Acclaimed filmmaker Molly Dineen is back after a ten year absence with this new feature documentary that captures an intimate portrait of Blacker Dread. A businessman, father and son, Blacker Dread, the Jamaican-born reggae producer and prominent community figure is the center of this documentary in a vibrant musical culture.

Blacker Dread

The film “Being Blacker”, a documentary with Blacker Dread will be broadcast on BBC2, March 12 at 9pm. Special screenings will be held at theaters across London and Oxford 11 days before the broadcast.

The film portrays the lives of Blacker and his family, friends and community in South London, 40 years after featuring in Dineen’s first film. Challenges of rapid social change, gentrification, inequality, poverty, crime, and racism are pointed out as they seek to secure their futures.

The movie is made with with intimacy and warmth. The film takes us deep into Blacker’s world as he buries his mother, closes his business and faces prison for the first time. Being Blacker offers a rarely-heard perspective on life in Britain.

Trailer for Being Blacker

A Documentary With Blacker Dread

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