Soothing Vibes Shining Bright in a Midday Mix

Blazin’ Reggae Vibes

Episode 059

Soothing Vibes Shining Bright In A Midday Mix

Blazin' Reggae Vibes - Ep. 059 - Soothing Vibes Shining Bright In A Midday Mix


Soothing Vibes

Soothing Vibes are coming on strong in this weeks episode of Blazin’ Reggae Vibes. Groundation hits the scence with the remastered release of “Each One Teach One” and a dub release of “Each One Dub One”. Vanessa Quai, the “Pacific Songbird” stirs up the pot with songs that lift the spirits. Others in this weeks mix includes Chuck Fender, Judy Green, Zyanigh, Half Tree and many more.



Blazin’ Reggae Vibes publishes a weekly podcast of conscious and uplifting vibrations coming through music and conversation. Getting the music out is critical in these times which is why a wide spectrum of reggae from the past to the present is covered.
The music featured on the weekly podcast comes from talented and creative artists from the past to the present. They come with a reminder to us all to never underestimate the power of reggae music and the positive impact it can have on our lives.


Blazin’ Reggae Vibes publishes and covers items of interest in the world of reggae that may include articles of news and entertainment, history, video, and other things that matter . The posts published on Blazin’ Reggae Vibes are informative, entertaining and provide incentive for return visits.


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