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The PathHeights
Twin Flamezz
Echo Beach
Reggae / Acoustic / World

The PathHeights are singer, songwriter, producer duo Akosua Aset and Aumuna. Derived from the word Ptahites. It means spiritual, creative beings conveying a collective conscious message. The PathHeights started together back in 2012. Their sound is a smooth collaboration of Roots Alternative Acoustic Reggae with Poetry. It is a stripped back, natural and organic sound.
The African drums and acoustic guitar are very fundamental in their production. They incorporate various kinds of percussion and the natural sounds in their environment. The lyrical content of their songs is inspirational and spiritual. It comes with unmixed messages, while being hard hitting and real.
The PathHeights RE-present a world sound on a organic level. They captivate the audience with melodies and harmonious vocals. These combine to a rootical vibration with 100% live instruments.

The Pathheights - Twin Flamezz

The PathHeights – Big Woman (Official Video)


The Artists

Akousa Aset

Akousa Aset emerged from Jamaican roots. She started writing rhymes and poetry in high school. At that stage, she formed a band with her school friends. She began to write poetry while attending the University. Akousa Aset was inspired by Linton Kwesi Johnson, Jill Scott, Floetry and Saul Williams.


Aumuna, was born in the hills of St Anne, Jamaica. He then moved to Point Hill a small community in St Catherine. He spent most of his childhood years there before moving to the sunshine city of Portmore. Portmore is where he did his high school studies. He recalls memories of “making trips to the spring to catch water”. Aumuna bonded him with nature spending time on the farm. He would take adventurous hikes to gather firewood. Music has always been a part of his life. He grew up in a Christian community and  began playing roots reggae and dancehall selections in the streets with sound systems.

Today both artists are based in Germany.

They emerged on the scene in November 2012. They appeared in Kingston at small events and jam sessions. Living In Germany since 2013 they have have been working on their craft. They have been jelling in an embryo of creative energy and inspiration.
In 2014 inspired by life on a legends of cultural heritage. They decided to present a name for the group 2014. At a rehearsal session they came through with the symbolic name ‘The PathHeights’. From there on, they have been performing throughout Germany.
In August of 2015 they went to Kingston, Jamaica. Whilst in Jamaica, their initial goal in Jamaica was to record three songs. What resulted was the completion of their first nine-track EP. A video shoot for the single “Without Love”.
They carry an unconventional yet traditional sound. They step outside the laws of modern style recording. This ensures the capture of each inspiration. Inspirations, delivered as pure as can be, with no compromise.
New generation of musicians are emerging on the scene. They’re in the position to take the musical art to the next round. The PathHeights are an assured bridge that will enable a continuous movement.

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