Nattali Rize * Collie Buddz * PosiTrax – June 16

Reggae + Dancehall + Funk + Hip Hop + Electrofunk + Latin

Nattali Rize * Collie Buddz * PosiTrax

Sunshine Theater
120 Central Ave SW
Albuquerque, NM 87102

Nattali Rize

Native from Australia Nattali Rize started with her band Blue King Brown. After relocating to Kingston, Jamaica in 2014, she released the EP New Era Frequency with Jamaican group Notis in 2015. In March 2017 she released her first solo album Rebel Frequency, partially produced in Tuff Gong studios with producer duo Notis (JA) and Lotek (UK).

One People [Official Video]


Collie Buddz

Buddz exploded onto the scene a few years ago when critics and tastemakers alike embraced him – Spin Magazine proclaiming, “Buddz proves the pop rule: Catchiness transcends color.” From Vibe Magazine to Entertainment Weekly, Collie Buddz made quite an impression with music critics.

“As an artist, I want to expand musically. I’ll always do Reggae. I did Reggae music because I was good at it and that’s what I knew and loved growing up. But at the same time, when I put on my producer hat and I hear a riddim, it might not be in my comfort range, but whatever I hear on the track dictates what I’m going to make. I really only care about making good music. For that to happen, it can’t live in a box.”

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Collie Buddz – Legal Now (Official Music Video)

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