Slightly Stoopid & Stick Figure – Expo NM – Aug 2

Slightly Stoopid, Stick Figure & Pepper

Villa Hispano Stage @ Expo NM
Albuquerque, NM

Aug 2, 2018

Source: Songkick


Slightly Stoopid, Stick Figure & Pepper Expo NM Poster



Source: Songkick


Slightly Stoopid live.Slightly Stoopid

Slightly Stoopid are an alternative rock band hailing from San Diego, California, USA. The band formed in 1995 and their eclectic brand of summery, genre blending rock & roll has made them one of the biggest cult bands in American rock music.

In a way, this band could only hail from a place called Open Beach. The uniting thing about their music is its sense of carefree abandon; it’s the sound of an endless summer, a spring break that’s everything you could possibly want and more. Needless to say, it’s pretty awesome that way.

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Stick Figure live.Stick Figure

Stick Figure (formed in 2006) is an American dub and roots reggae project founded by the Massachusetts-native and multi-instrumentalist Scott Woodruff, which has since expanded into a four-piece band.

Hailing from Duxbury, Massachusetts, U.S., Scott Woodruff formed Stick Figure as an outlet for his musical talents and interest in the reggae genre. Adopting the sobriquet Stick Figure he was given during high school, during college Woodruff would enthusiastically submit instrumental tracks to the Sublime Archive website. The musician issued his debut album “The Sound of My Addiction” in 2006, crafted by layering tracks upon one another in unison.

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Pepper live.Pepper

Pepper, are an American alternative rock trio formed in 1996 from Hawaii. They came to be when two singing school friends in Haiwaii, guitarist Kaleo Wassman and bass player Bret Bollinger decided to make a reggae rock style band in the mid 90s.

After struggling to find a drummer for the group, they turned to local Yesod Williams, and the band was complete. The threesome quickly skipped town and headed to San Diego, where they unleashed their signature sound, mixing punk and rock with dub and ska, on audiences when they opened for the famous reggae artists such as Shaggy.

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