How Reggae Music Inspired The World

It emerged from just one island in the Caribbean, but reggae music has become a worldwide phenomenon – so pervasive that you might not even know it’s there.

ONE LOVE: How Reggae Music Inspired The World


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One Love: How Reggae Music Inspired The World

Many musical styles don’t travel well. You don’t hear soca on British pop radio; bhangra never broke big in the US. It’s fair to say mainstream genres of music fail to translate across the oceans.
British indie remains only a cult attraction in the States. Despite decades of publicity, it’s only in recent years that country music has made itself felt in the UK.

Reggae music originated  from one island in the Caribbean and has become massive worldwide. It is everywhere, whether you notice it or not.

Don’t expect to find reggae it in the obvious places. Reggae’s influence, thanks to it’s heavy bass can be heard in rock and pop. It echoes in mainstream British pop; it loaned its culture to hip-hop. It’s considered “cool” by people with no connection to Jamaica, reggae music’s place of origin.
Reggae is complex enough to attract progressively-minded musicians. It is accessible enough for anyone to be able to dance to it. It has a certain lyrical gravitas, referring back to Biblical times.
Reggae is also a vehicle for those who want to leer over a sexy “batty”. It offers a sense of roots to those who wish to demonstrate their authenticity. Kids who can dip their knees to it. Lovers “wine” their hips to it. Those into alternative lifestyles rattle their braids to it.

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