Rebelution, Stephen Marley, Zion I, @Expo NM Sept. 6

Rebelution Free Rein Summer Tour

Zion I, Stephen Marley, Common Kings, and Rebelution

Villa Hispana @ Expo NM

Sept 06, 2018

5:30 PM – 10:00 PM

$17.00- $102.50 plus fees

Rebelution - Free Rein Summer Tour

Rebelution’s Good Vibes Summer Tour 2018
Opening acts include:
Stephen Marley, Common Kings, Zion I, and DJ Mackie

General admission to the fair included in the price of the ticket.

Source: Songkick


Rebelution formed 2004 in, California, United States of America. Eric Rachmany, Matt Velasquez, Rory Carey, Wesley Finley and Marley D. Williams are the founders.
It can be said that the music brought the band together, after Marley D Williams was on his way to choir practice. He heard music coming from a door. This music was reggae and was being played by none other than Rachmany himself. This music brought them together.
In 2006 Rebelution released their very first EP which was self titled “Rebelution”. The album was well received. The year prior they had began to build their very own momentum. They were consistent in putting themselves on the platform. They played local shows and spread their name.

Stephen Marley

The second son of Bob and Rita MarleyStephen Marley was born on April 20, 1972. He began his career at six-year old singing and dancing and with his siblings in the group The Melody Makers. Bob Marley in 1979 produced the groups first single “Children Playing In The Streets”.
While still a teenager he assisted in the production of The Melody Makers’ albums. The albums included their three Best Reggae Album Grammy winners . “Conscious Party”, “One Bright Day” and “Fallen Is Babylon” were the Grammy winners.
In 1993 Ziggy and Stephen founded Ghetto Youths International. Their purpose was to take control of their own music and help upcoming artists.
Stephen’s earliest solo production efforts for Ghetto Youths International included “My Altar”. The album was by his late grandmother, Cedella Booker. It was followed in 1995 by the Ziggy Marley and The Melody Makers single “Works To Do”. His younger brother Damian’s “10,000 Chariots” was also a hit. Both singles hit the Jamaican charts and generated much excitement.

Zion I

Zion I is an experimental hip hop duo. They bring together a host of influences from several genres. The results create their unique sound.
Zion I incorporate the spiritual essence of 1960s. They do it with free jazz inherent in the music of Pharaoh Sanders, Sun Ra and Albert Ayler. The message of unity, hope and collectivity permeating throughout their music. You get a blend of hip-hop with trip-hop beats.

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