Courage by Raszor Brankata brings conscious vibes

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Raszor Bankata is a Ghanaian born international Producer, Songwriter and is described as a Lighting Reggae and Dancehall Artist.
ALBUM COVER: Raszor Brankata & Good Over Evil – Courage

Courage by Raszor Brankata brings conscious vibes to the arena with the sounds of reggae roots dub.

Raszor Bankata is a Ghanaian born international Producer, Songwriter. He is described as a Lighting Reggae and Dancehall Artist. Raszor was born in 1981 and was raised in Sekondi-Takoradi the Twin-City of Ghana.

The name Raszor was given to him by his peers and friends because of his poems and lyrics. He had the ability to shock his fans with unpredictable lyrics that were sharp and conscious. The name Brankata stands for a production device that composes to music to text.


Raszor Brankata says his personal musical goal is to show his love to the world, by making people happier and more conscious with his music.

Raszor describes the meaning behind the title of his album Courage.
He says that without courage, we cannot practice any other virtue with consistency. We can’t be kind, true, merciful, generous, or honest.

He said;
“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts.”

On Courage all of the voice and lyrics are by Raszor Brankata. All riddims composed, performed and produced by Good Over Evil.

Backing vocals by Raszor Brankata & Jah Ivan.

Backing vocals on “Oneness” by Anayah Roots Levi. Recorded, mixed & mastered by Jah Ivan & Dani Roots at Good Over Evil Studio

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Ghana Vibes Rastafari blessings overall. Real recognize Real


African Children
African Children (Dub Remix)
Positive Energy
Jah Jah Eyes

Heart and Mind
Warrior Dub




Raszor became involved in music around the age of eight. He was said to be brilliant in school. Colleagues and teachers recognized him as being very talented. Raszor had the ability to write and perform poems. This won him much affection in school. He was considered a thinker in his community and among his colleagues.

In his late teens Raszor formed a group called Burning Soulz (“Da Souls of The West). Their group toured the coast of Ghana thrilling music lovers. They sang African Hip Life the equivalent to R&B and Rap. On tour they also sang Reggae Ragga in Fanti, Tiwi, and English. At that time Raszor was known by the name “Ex Ray”


Raszor’s journey’s took him to the capital city of Accra in Ghana. It was in Accra that he broke away from his group to pursue a solo career after discovering reggae and rastafari. He lived in the Rastafarian community and consciously cultivated the old African roots, the roots of reggae. He later joined the Musicians Union of Ghana and after about a year in the capital he began to encounter many conscious bands and artists.

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Good Over Evil & Brankata Music: To free our people (Spain Barcelona)

In 2004, Raszor Brankata left his homeland of Ghana and moved to Switzerland to pursue his musical career. It took about two years for him to build up a reputation for being a producer, songwriter and lightning reggae and dancehall artist. Raszor was booked for shows with bands, sound systems and well-known artists from Europe and the world. It was at this point, that he became able to celebrate his African culture on stage.

In 2007 Raszor made a visit to Jamaica to get an idea of ​​the spiritual background of reggae and the Rastafarians. They was looking for the crucial points that connect his movement in Ghana, the Ma’Way Lionz, with the history of reggae. Raszor paid a visit to Bobo Hills to shoot a short video documentary. He fulfilled his pilgrimage mission in Jamaica after visiting the Nyabinghi Hills.

(According to tradition, Nyabinghi is the story of an African war queen. She possessed a magic drum that was able to banish and protect her people with its original reggae rhythm.)

In 2016 Razor Brankata released his first album “Stay Stronger”

In 2019 he released the album “Courage”.



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