Life Crisis, A New Album Produced by Thompson Sound:

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Feat. Linval Thompson, Lone Ranger, Horace Martin, K Vibes,
Prince Allah, Clive Hylton and more

A New Album

“Life Crisis” album available on digital 
iTunes, Apple Music, Deezer, Spotify

Thompson Sound Just Released A Brand New Compilation With 12 Tracks Available Now On Streaming & Download.

Listen To Some Tracks From Legendary Artists As Linval Thompson, Lone Ranger, Jah Mickey, Prince Allah, Clive Hylton, Horace Martin, K Vibes, Tsahai on classical instrumental versions from Thompson Sound Label.

Horace Martin “War”

Prince Alla “Babylon A Fight”
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A New Release

Thompson Sound just released a brand new compilation with 12 tracks available now on streaming & download. You could listen to some tracks from legendary artists as Linval Thompson, Lone Ranger, Jah Mickey, Prince Allah, Clive Hylton, Horace Martin, K Vibes, Tsahai on classical instrumental versions from Thompson Sound Label.

Early Start

Linval Thompson began writing original songs from an early age. His first opportunity to record came when he was a teenager in Queens, New York, living with his mother. He recorded “No Other Woman” and a few other tracks before returning to Kingston, Jamaica.

Thompson added his voice to tunes at the newly established Black Ark Studio, after moving to Jamaica, he work with producers Phil Pratt and Lee “Scratch” Perry. Linval also recorded briefly for the legendary Augustus Pablo and his Rockers Label and for Stamma Hobson.

Contribution To Reggae

Linval Thompson has produced over 40 albums and hundreds of singles by some of Jamaica’s well known artists. He gained his reputation as a talented vocalist with over a dozen albums from the mid 1970’s to the mid 1980’s. Linval Thompson and Thompson Sounds contribution to reggae was essential during the music’s golden era.

At the height of his singing career, Linval Thompson spent most of his time producing music instead of touring. As a result of his low profile, Linval was not as well known as other talented artists who had attained world-wide success. His album Starlight, backed by Sly & Robbie was distributed on the Mango/Island Label in 1988.

Linval Thompson’s knowledge of the music business led to success through established independent labels and his own imprints. His productions were very popular in the U.K. With london as the main hub. He worked with Indy labels like Trojan, Greensleeves, And Burning Sounds.

Several of Thompson’s best productions were of relatively unknown artists. He recorded ‘Mystic Eyes’ excellent album mysterious in 1979 and essential deejay albums by Big Joe (African Princess) And Trinity (Rock In The Ghetto). These early productions were backed by the revolutionaries (Sly & Robbie) and represent the best of the late rockers era in Jamaica.


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