New Release: “Digital Kingston Session 2” by Manudigital

Manudigital Releases Second Volume “Digital Kingston Session 2”.

Manudigital is a riddim maker, bass player and producer.  He specializes in digital Reggae.

Manudigital has been involved in Reggae music for more than 15 years now and has worked with many artists such as Alborosie, Beenie Man, Bounty Killer, Biga Ranx, Babylon Circus and many more.

Manu’s various web series (Digital Sessions, Back Inna Days…) are being shared worldwide across social media inspiring new fans every day. In 2016, he released his 1st solo album “Digital Pixel” and went on an tour of more than 80 gigs across France & Europe.

Digital Kingston Session 2
New Release – Digital Kingston Session 2” on a 12-inch Vinyl ! Released May 21, 2021 – Manudigital gathers a five-star cast of talented artists performing their classics. The legendary Capleton and Junior Cat create energy on the streets of Jamaica. Talented Devon Morgan, Peter Metro, Jigsy King and Bunny General perform on the new album also.
Like the first volume, two bonus sessions were recorded outside Jamaica. One of the bonus sessions was recorded in Brooklyn with Red Fox. The other bonus came with Deemas J an English MC. Deemus J has accompanied Manudigital on stage since 2018.

The videos were filmed in the streets of Kingston. They feature, Jamaican singers from the golden age of digital reggae. These reggae artists perform their classics in one take. The classics play on riddims with the mythical Casio MT40 or “Sleng Teng Keyboard”.

A1. Digital Kingston Session (feat. Capleton)
A2. Digital Kingston Session (feat. Devon Morgan)
A3. Digital Kingston Session (feat. Peter Metro)
A4. Digital New York Session (feat. Red Fox)

B1. Digital Kingston Session (feat. Junior Cat)
B2. Digital Kingston Session (feat. Bunny General)
B3. Digital Kingston Session (feat. Jigsy King)
B4. Digital Paris Session (feat. Deemas J)

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