Emmanuel Anebsa – Protect Me (New Video Release)

Song – Protect Me
Artist – Emmanuel Anebsa
Album – Protect Me

Licensed to YouTube by Believe Music on behalf of
Wontstop Record

Emmanuel Anebsa – Protect Me

So i come from the pain life and sing pain and fight and don’t give. I make emotional love songs also, but my main topic is life and the effects of the system on people. I have a passion for music and express myself – yeah the music heals me in my sorrow in my depths of feelings. I would like you to take the time and listen to the words of my music and take it from there. Maybe you mite like the vibe who knows.       – Emmanuel Anbesa

Emmanuel Anebsa – Singer, Writer & Producer

I make emotional love songs but my aim is the conscious music for life & the effects of the system on people. I cannot compromise the truth and i do not make the truth i just sing it. My music is for all living things of this earth my music is the earth. I sing from what i feel and i sing to sooth myself and at the same time sooth you. I have to say thank you to Wontstop Record my record label. I will keep on writing songs and expressing myself threw music.      – Emmanuel Anbesa


We’re Here To Chant Up POSITIVE VIBES.
Upliftment To The Highest Degree

We’re here to listen and dance to good music,
We’re here… Giving thanks to the Most High,
Jah Rastafari


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