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Roots Revisited by Afri Uka

This album, Roots Revisited by Afri Uka is the debut project of producer/arranger Samaj X. The album is streaming in all stores.
It features the talents of Winston Jarret on lead vocals, and Blu Meadows on guitar.

Roots Visited by Afri Uka

Roots Revisited by Afri Uka comes to life with strong dub vibrations and rootical chants. In a classic roots fashion the rhythm lures you in with a steady drum and bass. The message in the lyrics are clear and uplifting.   – DJ Eeyo

Roots Revisited by Afri Uka

A new project, offering a new album, presenting a new artist, featuring a traditional voice. It is a vision of the future; it is a picture of our past. It offers a call to we who can hear.     – Afri Uka

The cut “I and I Jah” is at the top of the list as one of the crucial cuts to be listened to. The album relaxes you with its rootical vibes. I found my myself working on a project while playing this album and found it quite pleasing. The steady rhythm keeps you stimulated and rocking to the beats.   – DJ Eeyo

Roots Revisited by Afri Uka

This group is the debut of artist/producer/songwriter Samaj X and features the talents of guitarist Blu Meadows and the vocals of Winston Jarret. 

Afri Uka cultivates a sound that reinvisions Roots Music in the digital age, as it pays respect to its traditions, keeping the fire burning.

I Remember by Afri Uka


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