New Release: Dear 2020 by Trixstar

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Boomrush Productions released “Dear 2020” digitally on May 28th, 2021.


TriXstar presents a multicultural world, combining her Persian heritage
with German education and Jamaican culture.
“Dear 2020” by Trixstar is her reflection on the past year.

Dear 2020 by Trixstar
Dear 2020 by Trixstar
The opening song “Love” is a love song. It is dedicated to the universal love, the best friend, your sister, or your partner. It’s the one person who lets you smile and make you stand up in the morning, the one you care about.
“You”, the second song on the EP, is based on a true story. It happened in early 2020, when she tried to help after a car accident. She found that she had little knowledge about first aid in Jamaica. She was confronted with the harsh reality of inequality . In general, self-care and care for others are two topics you can find in all songs of the EP.
“Own Way” and “Smile” are two songs reasoning about the way you go in your life. “It’s hard to find your own way, but all the steps on the way, even the so-called mistakes, are important to form the person that you are today.
Finally, “Wonders” is the closing song of the EP. It takes the listener on a journey through the wonders of life. Make sure not to take anything for granted, but enjoy the wonderful things in life to the fullest.“
“Dear 2020” is a huge step for TriXstar and marks the beginning of a new era in her career.    – Boomrush Promotions

OWN WAY by Trixstar

The German Persian singer TriXstar is mostly known for Jamaican music. With dancehall and reggae she brings together cultures and makes them into one. She grew up in Germany was able to make the positive aspects of each culture her own. She got rid of the problematic ones. She had to fight for her standing in the male-dominated reggae and dancehall scene. She became stronger as she stood her ground.
With her raspy voice and her deep alto timbre, TriXstar gives weight to her lyrics. Even if her music is about “seeking and finding love” on first sight, there’s much more to it when looking behind.
TriXstar sings and talks to all those who feel humiliated, oppressed and abused. She encourages them to get rid of the shackles and grow beyond themselves. She especially addresses women, to empower themselves and escape gender-specific roles. She encourages them to become a strong member of society and live to their full potential.
TriXstar’s music is catchy and touching. Her songs often invite to dance and take the listener on a journey to a world of love, pain, happiness, and desires.
Most of TriXstar’s songs are from the reggae and dancehall spectrum. She is not shy to leave the boundaries of the genre and go way beyond them.
Over the past 10 years her mission brought her to many European countries and to Jamaica, where her music got great reception.
In 2020 her music became available on CD for the first with with the release of her “#TrixStylez” samper. After five weeks of touring Jamaica, the rest of the release tour had to be cancelled due to the pandemic.
In her forthcoming EP “Dear 2020” she reflects about the past year in her very own way.
The EP was produced in collaboration with Jon Moon and Yutman Records. The instrumentals are strongly rooted in Jamaican music culture. Most of the instrumentals being played are by musicians from The Evolution Band. This is the band of reggae superstar Gentleman.


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