Reasoning With Ras Rody from The Jamaican Vegan Kitchen

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Reasoning With Ras Rody From The Jamaican Vegan Kitchen
Santa Fe, NM

Reasoning With Ras Rody From The Jamaican Vegan Kitchen

Ras Rody - Jamaican Vegan Kitchen

Ras Rody’s Santa Fe Food Truck:
1320 Agua Fria St.
Santa Fe, NM 87501
(Down the driveway next to The Critters n Me Store, look for Jamaican Flag)
Ph: 505-385-3011


Ras Rody started his restaurant The Jamaican Vegan Kitchen in Santa Fe, NM in 2019. The Jamaican Vegan Kitchen is rooted in traditional Jamaican cuisine but with a modern twist. Ras Rodys’ aim is to create healthy and delicious vegan Jamaican food that everyone can enjoy. Whether you’re a vegan or not, The Jamaican Vegan Kitchen is sure to please.

Growing up, Ras Rody’s family did not have much money and they depended on the land to provide food. They would plant and grow their own food. If there was anything extra needed they would get fruits and vegetables from the local market.

Ras Rody eventually left Jamaica for a new life in the United States. He spent some time in New Mexico working for Whole Foods as a chef. He worked at Whole Foods for a few years and decided to move to the east coast. On the east coast he worked with various organizations displaying his cooking talents. He eventually went back to Florida where he lived before moving to Santa Fe.

Blazin’ Reggae Vibes was able to catch up with Ras Rody for an phone interview earlier in the week. We are grateful that we’re able to share the reasoning session that we had with Ras Rody. He has a story to tell and we’re happy to share it with the world.

Reasoning with Ras Rody

Ras Rody Food Truck

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