Words To Inspire – Reflection: Reality or Illusion?

My Reflection or Inner Vision: Reality or Illusion?

A roots interpretation of reflection reveals the idea of ‘keeping to our inner vision’. It is said that if you want something to come to be, you need to believe in it with all your heart. For many people, this involves looking in the mirror every day and seeing themselves as they really are. If we take the time to really look at our reflections and not just what we want them to be, we begin to see truths about ourselves that we may not have considered before.

Reflections: Reality or Illusion?

Words of Inspiration


The idea of reflection goes beyond looking at our physical appearances. It can also refer to how we view ourselves in terms of our abilities, strengths and weaknesses. If we are not happy with who we are on an inner level, then it is likely that others will not be happy either when they get a glimpse of us.

Inner vision and reflection can be powerful tools for self-realization and self-growth.

Have you ever heard the saying, “Be inspired by words of wisdom?” If so, then you know that words and vision can be powerful, especially when it comes to our self image. In this article, we will feature some inspirational words to motivate and uplift.

Your words and inner visions can be powerful tools if we use them wisely. With the right words of wisdom and a steady vision coupled with the proper actions we can achieve our goals and be happier.

Reflections: Reality or Illusion?

Taking a look in the mirror
The mirror in my mind
Knowing that whatever I see
Is a reflection of me.

Hold the vision long enough
It somehow comes to be
A reflection of all that I see
Becomes my reality.

Strong, Flexible, Healthy and Beautiful
Happy, Joyful, Loving, and Thriving
Worthy, Compassionate, Caring, and Prosperous

Seeing is believing
Seeing with feeling
Something we can’t deny
Truth stands right before us
It’s in our daily lives.

Vision Reflections


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