New Album Review: Freedom Legacy by Queen Omega

Freedom Legacy by Queen Omega

Queen Omega is a reggae artist from Trinidad and is known for her conscious lyrics and strong messages of empowerment and social justice. Her album “Freedom Legacy” was released on March 24, 2023 on the Baco Music label.

Sources: Baco Music | Reggae North | Spotify

“I want my music to inspire people to think critically and to take action to make a better world.”
– Queen Omega

FREEDOM LEGACY by Queen Omega (Album)

Freedom Legacy by Queen Omega

The album contains 14 tracks and features collaborations with Soom T, Julian Marley, Marcus Gad and other reggae and dancehall artists. It should be well-received by fans and critics alike, for its positive messages and infectious beats.

One of the most standout tracks on the album is “Fittest,” which is a song about self-empowerment and standing up for what you believe in. The lyrics are powerful and bring to light important social issues that are so relevant in today’s world. Queen Omega also brings her unique reggae sound to several other tracks on the album, such as “See You Down”, “Goodness”, and Lioness.


Produced by Lions Flow Productions, the album takes listeners on an introspective and musical journey through new roots reggae and dancehall music. Queen Omega states that “music is a channel, a gateway to mental and emotional freedom,” and it is through conscious music that we learn the need to express ourselves, talk out, and shatter the walls of silence.

Overall, “Freedom Legacy” is a powerful album that will leave a lasting impression on listeners. Queen Omega’s messages of social justice and empowerment are critically important in the current political climate, and her music is sure to touch many hearts.

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