Roots Reggae Force Keeping On Course

Episode 178
“Roots Reggae Force Keeping On Course, Earth Tones Rocking, Rastafari Be The Source”

BRV - Ep. 178 - Roots Reggae Force Keeping On Course, Earth Tones Rocking, Rastafari Be The Source

Roots Reggae Force
BRV – Ep. 178 – Roots Reggae Force Keeping On Course, Earth Tones Rocking,
Featuring: Jah Thomas, Groundation, Chuck Fenda, Pablo Moses, Queen Omega, Pressure Busspipe, Horace Andy, Charlie Chaplin, Benaiah, Awa Fall, Alpha Steppa, J Boog, Winston Reedy, and many more.

A review of artists and music that bring the sounds of rasta, roots reggae, and lovers rock to a crucial mix.


Caught In The Beat
Of A Sound…So Sweet
In Motion with Spirits Rising
Stories Behind Rhythms
Streaming…In The Streets
Lifting One Higher
With Uplifting…Feel Good Relief


Blazin’ Reggae Vibes is a blog and podcast that reviews conscious and uplifting vibes with creative artists. The podcast covers a wide spectrum of reggae music from the past to the present. A new podcast mix review is posted every Thursday with conscious reggae mixes from crucial reggae selections.

The podcast and blog are committed to spreading positive vibes around the world, through music, conversation, video and silence (meditation).

With crucial sounds stirring in the pot, you’ll be shifting the mood toward a happy rising up. Experience the sounds of the old and the new with non-stop roots rock reggae coming on strong.

The music featured on the weekly podcast comes from talented and creative artists from the past to the present. They come with a reminder to us all to never underestimate the power of reggae music and the positive impact it can have on our lives. Playing quality reggae, having conversations and gaining insights into the artists and their music makes for an experience you’ll enjoy.


01. Major Riley – Heart Of A Black Woman
02. Queen Omega – Fittest
03. Imperial Sound Army – Hurry (feat. Danny Red)
04. Chuck Fenda – Chuck’s Prayer / Ah Nuh Mistake
05. Benaiah – Traveling
06. Nikki Burt – Calling Rasta For I (Calling Rastafari)
07. Jah Thomas – Ban Pon Di Gun
08. Alpha Steppa & Awa Fall – What A Joy
09. Jashwha Moses – Weeping Dub
10. Pablo Moses & The Handcart – In This Jungle (Live)
11. Micah Shemaiah – Real Way
12. Groundation – Lion In Man
13. Imperial Sound Army – His Imperial Majesty (feat. Rod Taylor)

14. Horace Andy – Watch Over Them
15. Benaiah – Blessings
16. Chuck Fenda – Mi Love Marijuana
17. Jashwha Moses – Suffering Is In The Past
18. Alpha Steppa & Awa Fall – Il Dub
19. Charlie Chaplin – Fly Away Home
20. Lee “Scratch” Perry – On The Streets Again
21. Tuff Like Iron – Load
22. Iyah Syte – Youths Dem
23. J Boog – Raggamuffin feat. Buju Banton & Gramps Morgan
24. Pressure Busspipe – Fountain (feat. Classical Eska)
25. I-Taweh – Another Bram Bram
26. Winston Reedy – Real Rock feat. Johnny Mittoo Moody


We’re Here To Chant Up POSITIVE VIBES.
Upliftment To The Highest Degree

We’re here to listen and dance to good music,
We’re here… Giving thanks to the Most High,
Jah Rastafari


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