Blazin’ Reggae Vibes Episode 005

Greetings and Welcome to Blazin’ Reggae Vibes Episode 005.

This week’s podcast features some talented reggae artists delivering rhythmic sounds that penetrate to your inner core. We have a new artist in the mix this week with I-Taweh from his new album “Judgement” opening the set with some nice dub. Christopher Martin from his new album “Big Deal” and Stephen Dajure from his new album “I’m Not A Criminal” are also featured.

Trevy Felix and Stephen Dajure come under the spotlight this week. We’ve provided some links that give more insight into the careers of these two artists.

Enjoy the Mix

Dj Eeyo


Trevy Felix

I first crossed paths with Trevy Felix when he came to Albuquerque, NM and performed with his band Boom Shaka at a small venue annexed to the “El Rey Theater”. With it being such a small venue you were afforded a seat to watch the performance. I was quite impressed with the consciousness of his lyrics as well as the solid reggae beat emanating from the band. Boom Shaka made another visit to Albuquerque and performed at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center.

I had just got my hands on his album ‘Resistance”, which had been released for about 2 years already and upon googling his name, discovered that he had been murdered at his home in Dominica. I was deeply saddened by this tragic loss of a creative soul who put out beautiful music to soothe the world.


Stephen Dajure

Stephen Dajure I’m Not A Criminal Album Review